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Website Story

Dear Visitor,
Maybe it is very unusual to tell the story of a website. But this one is very special. Listen to the true story of how it started:

In the 1960s:
A little Swiss girl, about nine years old, was having many disputes with her parents, about going to the family chale, far up in the mountains, for the weekends. She simply couldn’t bear the fact of missing the television series Daktari, showing every late Sunday afternoon, with her most admired actor, Marshall Thompson. It may sound very amusing today – but it wasn’t then.
Some years later she didn’t have to suffer family weekends anymore. Continually following the work and appearances of Marshall Thompson, the little girl, now a young woman, spent many joy-filled moments watching his new productions, such as George the St.Bernard, and Orphans of the Wild.
Time passes. Maybe it was the non-existence of home video systems then, slow growing TV conditions in Switzerland, only one or two channels were available at this time. Several reasons might have kept her in distance of the moviegoer scene.
In the late 1990s:
The opportunity of personal internet access and satellite TV took rapid place in many of our households. The young girl, now a woman in her 50s, was somehow very fascinated about the internet business. She decided to go back to college, to study internet publishing. Working almost endlessly on the computer at this time, all kinds of information was flooding her machine until...
July 2004:
Suddenly she found a picture of Marshall Thompson on the net! What a delightful moment! Without knowing why, she placed the photo on her home office desk immediately. Without knowing why, she started searching for more information about Thompson. After so many years, it was like finding an old friend again! She went on searching, searching and searching…
Her Marshall Thompson collection, including VHS, DVD’s, magazines and a large amount of photos, grew enormous.
Around the 10th of April, 2006, she found some extraordinary pictures from the series George, somewhere on eBay. She wondered why the seller knew many details about the movie. Asking for more pictures about George, the answer came along on April 12th, 2006. It wasn’t just more pictures, no! What she found (with the photos) was Marshall Thompson’s daughter, Janet Thompson, somewhere in the United States…

The Website:
Simply overwhelmed, two or three days later, she offered to build a tribute website about Janet's dad. On April 23rd, 2006, she created first layouts and the project was started.
An American-Swiss joint venture was born! And finally, the whole story began to make sense…

What ever brought us together, I look at it with great respect…
Marianna D’Incau (The little girl in her late 50s)

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